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communities take root

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Dreyer's Fruit Bars are planting orchards across the country in a collaborative program called "Communities Take Root," and your town could be next! We invite your community to apply for this exciting opportunity to grow fresh fruit, beautify neighborhoods, strengthen relationships and build community food security—all through the simple act of planting fruit trees. In 2011, twenty communities won orchards for public parks, community gardens, food banks, homeless shelters, and community centers. To learn more about past orchard winners, go to www.communitiestakeroot.com.

FTPF is currently accepting the first 100 qualified applications for the next round of the program, which involves a public online vote to select the final recipients.* FTPF provides all plants, related materials and equipment, community workshops and training, and our team will work with your community volunteers to install the orchard. Recipients must have the appropriate space and commitment to the orchard to qualify. Download our application here and submit via email only.

*Schools are not eligible to apply, but please visit www.ftpf.org for information about our Fruit Tree 101 school orchard program.

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Quotes from last year's orchard recipients

"All these trees we're planting remind me of hope." –Jeff Greene, community gardener with Project Homeless Connect, San Francisco

"The community is so proud of the orchard ... it is a blessing." –Nicole Wright, Planner, Yurok Tribe

"From the start, the online voting process generated immense community enthusiasm… Communities Take Root inspired a whole community... Again, thank you for creating the opportunity to improve the health of individuals with developmental disabilities, creating new work opportunities and bringing our community together." –Kimberly Olsen, Executive Director, Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara

"If one of your goals was to create a goal around which an entire community could come together, then be assured that that goal has been fulfilled..." –Geoffrey Howard, Warwick Valley Community Center

FTPF sends its gratitude to the Dreyer’s Fruit Bars team for their generous underwriting support, and for the spirit of collaboration that they bring to Communities Take Root.