Planting Fruit Trees For A Healthier Planet.




“The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation’s groundbreaking work feeds communities in need and greens the environment, all at once. A truly extraordinary, yet simple concept that led to our collaboration to plant fruit trees in the WE Garden in Capitol Park to help our communities for years to come.” –Maria Shriver, First Lady of California

“A seed, a sapling, a Tree that will feed the body, replenish the earth, oxygenate the air we breathe for more years than the hands that plant them will live to see. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation truly embraces the notion that love gives without expectation of reward.”
–Angela Bassett, Golden Globe-winning actress

“The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is single-handedly taking responsibility for the future of our Earth! It is vital and absolutely essential to support this fantastic non-profit organization!”
–Bryce Dallas Howard, Actress

"You're changing the world, one yard at a time." –Ed Begley, Jr., Actor & Activist

“In this age of green awakening comes a literal breath of fresh air... The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.” –Purely Delicious magazine (Spring, 2010)

" Such an innovative route to replace grime with green is the hallmark of a progressive, grass-roots approach to positive change…" –Cleveland Plain Dealer (Sept, 2011)

“For us and for our children, FTPF’s orchard donation to supplement our hunger relief efforts will literally save lives.” –Rupa Raghunath das, Food for Life, Vrindavan, India

"I have a profound reverence for what the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation does for different cities around the country." –Ariel E. Reboyras, Alderman, 30th Ward, City of Chicago, Illinois

“I am very thankful for the help and assistance our village received from The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation with re-establishing our orchards. It is good to know that with their help, the future of our children looks brighter and promising.” –Governor Antone Honanie, Kykotsmovi Village, Hopi Reservation, Arizona

"All these trees we're planting remind me of hope." –Jeff Greene, community gardener with Project Homeless Connect during an FTPF orchard project to benefit San Francisco's homeless community (as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle)

"...thank you for the wonderful gift you have given the Paiute people. I only hope you will be able to return in the future to see the orchards growing and producing the life giving fruit, the joy on the faces of the children, and the happiness of the Tribe. This is truly the love of fellow man and pure charity given without thought of self." –Gaylord Robb, Economic Development Director, Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah

"The FTPF orchards have been a blessing in uniting ... a common vision of a healthier more beautiful future." –Jacobo Marcus-Carranza, Community Workshop Coordinator, Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

“We expect the FTPF orchards planted at each school to last for decades, giving our students the opportunity to receive environmental education that would not otherwise be available to them.” –Clint Taylor, National School District, National City, California

"There’s been a boost in morale because our school is getting so much more attention from the community.We have kids that say, ‘I’m gonna come out here every day at recess and water my tree.’ So, the kids are protective and proud of our trees.” –Lidia Scinski, Principal, Harriet Tubman Charter School, San Diego, California (as reported in The San Diego Union-Tribune)

“…The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is contributing to a more compassionate and humane way of living. Your innovative and progressive contribution sets the gold standard for others to emulate, and we applaud you for your foresight, initiative, creativity, and kindness.”
–Ingrid E. Newkirk, President, PETA upon presenting FTPF with a 2007 Proggy Award as the “Most Animal-Friendly World Hunger Charity”

"Thank you, not only for bringing the fruit trees to our town, but also for bringing the seeds of environmental consciousness." –Mayor's Office, Itaparica, Brazil

"We are so proud on the Stretch Island team to be partnering with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, a first class organization." –Kevin Rutherford, Stretch Island Fruit Company

"I just don't know how to say how much I appreciate [FTPF's project] because there's not any words to express my true feeling, but it's a sense of appreciation for what is life ... Our community has begun to bring back the culture, the agriculture, to our homeland through these fruit trees."
Roland Manakaje, Head of Cultural Affairs, Havasupai Tribe, Arizona

"At the end of the day when the switch was thrown and water began flowing out of the 43 newly installed micro-bubblers – drip-irrigating the peach, pear, nectarine, apricot, plum, aprium, pluot, cherry, and pawpaw trees – there was a real sense of an entire community having done something in a single day that will be a positive and lovely long-term asset for all." –Geoff Howard, Chair, Sustainable Warwick

"A worthwhile cause." –PerezHilton.com

"A highly motivated group of people who plant fruit trees to fight malnutrition and care for the environment..." –The Hindu

"...a non-profit organization that's making a real difference..." –Green & Clean Mom

"...this modern day 'Johnny Appleseed' initiative germinates its own compassionate vision..."
Maui Weekly

"The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation ... has brought its gospel of resurgence through fruit trees to impoverished areas around the world." –The Times-Picayune

"Finding a great charity is very difficult ... Through a rigorous evaluation process GoodSpark ensures that every charity represented on its site [including FTPF] is a “best-in-class” organization that not only has fantastic programs, but also has a sustainable business model and strategy that provides for future success." –GoodSpark.org

"Fruit Tree 101 may be the one thing our students remember most from their high school careers." –Molly Nakahara, Tennyson High School Farm, Hayward, California

“FTPF has given our school a gift much larger than we could ever have imagined. We see so much more than fruit growing in our school’s backyard everyday. We see the ownership and attachment our parents received by planting them, the pride our classes are gaining through taking care of the trees, and the knowledge our students will acquire by bringing their learning outdoors. This is a rare opportunity for children growing up in our city.” –Kelly Smith, Assistant Director, Belmont Academy Charter School, Philadelphia, Philadelphia

“Our orchard has already changed our relationship between the students, staff and the community that we serve. Our students have invested a bit of themselves and the returns for the future of the school and local community will be present every spring in our flowering trees.” –Seth Lewis Levin, Principal, Tobin Elementary School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“As part of our mission and pedagogy, we strive to nurture a deep respect and love of the natural world in our students. At our urban location, that can be challenging at times. With this program, we will be able to engage the students more readily in this appreciation.” –Jackie Jaffe, Director, Portland Village School, Portland, Oregon

"I am guessing you probably receive these letters often from orchards you have helped to start through your work, but I wanted to write with my sincere thanks for the work which you enabled, and the orchard which is now established and will continue to bear fruit for years to come." –Stephen Menyhart, Perspectives-Calumet Charter School, Chicago, Illinois

“I have been teaching History, English and Art for more than 20 years and helping to bring this orchard to Foss may well be the most important action in my career … the orchard will enrich the lives of many here in Tacoma and everywhere else that the students from Foss end up living, working and caring for their communities.” –Tim Ford, Teacher, Henry Foss High School, Tacoma, Washington

"Kids, birds, families, and adults love the trees. Huge thanks!" –Kirsten Akre, Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse Manager, Chicago, Illinois

“Our orchard is a step toward a sustainable future. We are creating real life educational opportunities by connecting children to their food source.” –Denzel Mitchell, Greening & Nutrition Coordinator, Baltimore Montessori Charter School, Baltimore, Maryland

"The [FTPF] plantings underscore our school's longstanding commitment to social justice, and the gardens will help our children understand and internalize this commitment in new and profound ways in the future." –Susan Kilbane, Principal, Interamerican Magnet School, Chicago, Illinois

“The effect of the trees on the students, faculty, staff and the community will be felt on so many levels.” –Jeannette Vaughn, Elementary Principal, Albert Einstein Academies, San Diego, California.

“We were literally ‘blown away’ by the sheer number of trees and plants we received and by your group’s dedication to your mission. We are so grateful for the plants and excited about the fruits that we will have in a few years.” –John Burkholder, Principal, Midvale Elementary School, Madison, Wisconsin

“After seven years we are now able to create the green educational center and the fruit trees that we planted with you are the center piece of this model … Together we have created an oasis among a concrete jungle.” –Sara Laimon, Green Ambassador Director, Environmental Charter High School, Lawndale, California

"It's amazing watching kids pop berries from the Fruit Tree 101 mulberry tree in their mouths and seeing the purple tinted grins which follow. I can't think of a better way to teach students about healthy eating." –Michelle Guarino, 3rd Grade Teacher, Albert Einstein Academies, San Diego, California

"Thank you for coming to our school. I learned a lot. I will eat as many fruits as I can. I will take good care of trees around me. I will not let anyone kill a tree. I will plant some more in my garden." –3rd-grade student, Whittier Elementary School, Teaneck, New Jersey

“Your generosity is another positive step in the realization of many special programs and campus improvements, which will help to enrich the education of our students.” –Jesus M. Gandara, Superintendent, Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista, California

“This award is presented to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation in appreciation of your contribution to the Life Skills Garden” –Milor High School, Rialto, California

"Your professionalism, attention to detail, and passion for your mission shine through in all that you do. We thank you on behalf of ... the Early Childhood Learning Community and Brookside Elementary School." –Susan Weber, Columbus, Ohio

"The trees and bushes planted will grow to remind our community what is possible when we all pull together ... the orchard will provide an outdoor classroom to help our students learn the positive effects these trees have on our environment including the reduction of global warming."
–Susan Brown, Monaview Elementary, Greenville, South Carolina

“I could not utter enough superlatives about your organization: Hope, inspiration, and all around goodness to name a few.” –Jaime Ogden, Certified Elementary School Teacher, Colorado.

“Your organization was instrumental in making our dreams of garden-based education in schools come closer to reality.” –Yveline Wilnau, Farm Manager, Learning Garden Laboratory, Portland, Oregon

“… since I deeply care for animals, the environment, and people, your organization really inspired me as a proactive approach to solving some pressing problems. –Susan Eller, New York City

“Things are getting very dicey here on our planet. Seems we are approaching the 11th hr and your efforts stand out as something pure, powerful, and effective.” –Mitch Wallis, Esq., San Diego, California.

"The work you've done so far has inspired and energized us..." –CityFruit.org

"A cause that truly saves the world." –Megan McMurray, Examiner.com

“…you will change the world!” –Dermot Brannick, New York City

“What [FTPF] did for this community is far more than just trees.” –Suzanne Hagood, Coleman Center for the Arts, York, Alabama

“Thank you for making this planet a beautiful place!” –Ilana Bissonnette, Toronto, Ontario

"Planting with you ... changed my life..." –Gabrielle Brick, New York City

"Your foundation and mission are absolutely wonderful and courageous." –Isaiah Tannaci

"WOW! I got goosebumps. This is wonderful. I am glad I found you..." –Amy Clarke

"Reading about the FTPF 'Fruit Relief' project gave me chills." –Amy Countryman, Bloomington, Indiana

"I have never been part of something as awesome and worthwhile. The work I've done and the people I've met through FTPF have inspired me in many ways." –Robert Gonzalez, San Diego, California

"This is truly a great service to the world." –Mike Haynes, San Diego, California

"I am inspired by your work. Today [we] planted one apple, one apricot, and two cherry trees." –Trent Smith