Planting Fruit Trees For A Healthier Planet.


Roots of Recovery

FTPF’s “Roots of Recovery” program donates fruit tree orchards to facilities where the harvest will help patients and residents with healing—places such as drug rehabs, hospitals, and health centers. Scientific studies confirm that a diet of fruits and vegetables improves health and reduces the risks of leading killers such as heart disease and cancers. For those in recovery, there is no substitute for fresh produce grown with love, compassion, and without harm to the environment.

“Roots of Recovery” plantings are conducted with volunteers who are patients or residents of the facilities where we are planting. Volunteers have reported that planting fruit trees is therapeutic and has long-lasting positive effects on well-being. In short, planting fruit trees is empowering and aids recovery.

Please see the following description for one example of this program area. This is just one of many, and a more comprehensive list of our recent projects can be found here.

Tree of Life in Patagonia, Arizona
July, 2006: FTPF's "Roots of Recovery" program donated 72 fruit trees to this world-renowned nonprofit healing center that has helped many recover from debilitating illnesses through diet and lifestyle choices. The center will use excess harvest to donate to local food banks.

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