Planting Fruit Trees For A Healthier Planet.


Reservation Preservation

FTPF’s “Trees for Tribes” program provides fruit and nut tree orchards to low-income communities on Native American Indian Reservations. The harvest not only provides healthy sustenance, but also a potential source of income. Orchards last for generations are donated strictly for the benefit of the tribe for improved nutrition and environmental benefits.

Please see the following description for one example of this program area. This is just one of many, and a more comprehensive list of our recent projects can be found here.

Havasupai Tribe Community Orchard in Supai, Arizona
April, 2007 - May, 2008: FTPF's "Trees for Tribes" program donated over 1000 fruit trees and shrubs to Native American households and created multiple community orchards for the Havasupai tribe. The reservation has no roads leading in and is thus difficult to supply with a consistent source of fresh produce. The village is often referred to as the most remote in the country, requiring that the trees be airlifted down via helicopter. In conjunction with the Havasupai Tribal Administration, FTPF established community fruit tree orchards which are open to all members of the tribe, and planted the remaining trees in residential backyards to provide a healthy source of improved nutrition for decades to follow. When this project is complete, we will have created the first town in the world where every household has access to at least 5 fruit trees in their backyards.

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