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Corporate Sponsorships

FTPF is proud to offer corporations a customized giving program to enhance their green initiatives. Business sponsorships present excellent media opportunities and a chance for company volunteers to work with our team and the community at a planting, if desired (otherwise, FTPF can fully represent sponsors in the field). We have hosted half-day corporate volunteer events with groups both large and small. There are several types of sponsorships available below.  

1. Sponsor an Orchard

Sponsored orchards result in fully functional fruit tree orchards that benefit the community almost immediately. You work with FTPF to choose the program area and location for the orchard, and we take care of the rest, including all related costs from start to finish such as tree procurement, horticultural training and workshops, transportation, equipment, design expertise, planting labor, irrigation, fencing installation (as needed), and aftercare consultations. Your employees can join us for the planting, or we can represent your involvement and provide photographs, media clips, and detailed information about your sponsored orchard, as well as installing signage at each site with your logo.

Cost: Sponsorships average $5,500 per orchard for a typical orchard size of 40 large trees. 

2. Program Underwriting

FTPF is proud to partner with socially responsible companies that provide underwriting support for an entire program. Doing so gives your company maximum exposure as the sole sponsor of an exciting, customized FTPF program, with exciting media opportunities at each planting. Current opportunities include programs that would work with public schools, food banks to feed hungry families, and low-income housing developments, amongst others (additional details available upon request). For an example of a current corporate partnership, click here

Cost: Varies depending on the scope of the effort, typically starting at $4,000 per orchard, with about 10-20 orchards per year. 

3. General Support

Many businesses understand the great value of offering general support and would like to sign on as a “Proud Supporter” of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Donations of this kind are deeply appreciated as they allow our programs to expand. This is our preferred type of support. FTPF is highly responsible with its funding, spending more than 90% of every dollar donated on program services. 

Cost: Gifts of any amount are appreciated and are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Past & Present Partners

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