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Orchard planting and tree giveaway for families at Sunset Valley Elementary School in Austin

FTPF is excited to partner with Arbor Day Foundation and Enterprise to visit Sunset Valley Elementary school later this month to plant a 40-tree orchard and distribute 60 fruit trees to students' families, providing fresh fruit and clean air to the Sunset Valley community! We invite students, parents, and community members to join us in the orchard on Tuesday November 17th to help plant, mulch, and water the new trees, creating something that will serve and provide for this school and community for decades to come.

Please join us for this exciting orchard planting and giveaway event in Austin! Special thanks to our program partners at Arbor Day and Enterprise for making it all possible. Social distancing and safety measures will be in place to keep this event safe and fun.

When: November 17, 2020 (10 am – 3 pm)

Where: Sunset Valley Elementary School, 3000 Jones Road, Austin, TX 78745

Contact: Lizzy Rainey (

Details: This day will be focused on planting the orchard under the direction of our certified arborist. Activities will include digging, planting, mulching, and having lots of fun! Volunteers are asked to bring their own spade shovels, if possible. No experience is necessary, and a rewarding experience is guaranteed, rain or shine! There is also an exciting opportunity for Sunset Valley families to receive their very own tree (or two!), including detailed instructions on how to plant at home. Trees available as part of the giveaway include regionally-adapted peaches and plums.

Schedule: 10:00 am - Introductions & welcome remarks / 10:15 am - FTPF leads tree planting workshop / 10:35 am - Volunteers break into group to begin planting / 12 pm - Lunch break / 12:30 pm - Continue with planting / 1:30 pm - Students arrive for lesson and participate in planting / 2:30 pm - Fencing begins / 3:00 to 4:30 pm - Tree distributions and planting instruction for families and community members

To signup for the tree giveaway, contact Principal Marquez or Garden Chair Taylor Gutierrez.


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