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Volunteer in Uganda

The Uganda Program

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation's mission is to strategically donate orchards where the need is greatest and the harvest will best serve communities for generations. One such place is Uganda, a country facing the staggering problems of food insecurity, climate change, and poverty, where children have scarce access to fresh food. Fruit trees offer a sustainable, healthy solution. Families often lack the resources to gain horticultural training and our programs offer both the trees and training to ensure a fruitful future.

Program History

Since 2014, FTPF has helped pave the way towards a healthier future for Ugandans by planting orchards throughout the country, including with households, schools, farmer cooperatives, women’s groups, health clinics, and orphanages. The Prime Minister’s Office supports our efforts, stating that “FTPF has greatly contributed to the effort to promote fruit tree planting that will generate additional food supplies and increase food security … On behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister … we expect and hope that you will expand the scope of your activities in the coming years, so that families can become healthier and more financially secure.” To this end, we are continuing our program to plant tens of thousands of trees every year.

"The work we did was more meaningful than I ever anticipated and highlighted the necessity of our project." 

—  Ashley Hermanowski, past volunteer

We Need You

We invite you to join us by volunteering for a fruit tree planting and eco-adventure every April. Activities include planting trees with schools, orphanages, and communities along with our partner NGO, Africa Partnership on Climate Change Coalition. You will interact with families and students along the way, and have a chance to receive training from FTPF staff to advance your own tree planting skills. Afterwards, we will reflect on the experience during a group safari to visit chimps, elephants, and giraffes on the Nile River! 

To embark on this unforgettable, life-changing experience, apply via the form at the following link: If selected, a payment of $1300 secures your spot, including the events listed below, as well as accommodations, and local transport! Airfare, meals, entertainment, and safari costs are the volunteer’s responsibility.

(Sample itinerary below, 
confirmed dates coming soon)

Next project scheduled for April, 2024  Confirmed itinerary coming soon  See below for sample schedule

Saturday Arrival Entebbe airport, Uganda  Pickup & travel to Jinja

Sunday Orientation & visit source of the Nile River  Overnight in Jinja

Monday School/community orchard planting  Overnight in Jinja

Tuesday School/community orchard planting  Overnight in Jinja

Wednesday School/community orchard planting  Overnight in Jinja

Thursday School/community orchard planting  Overnight in Jinja

Friday School/community orchard planting  Overnight in Jinja

Saturday Drive to safari location  Murchison Falls visit  Overnight in Murchison huts

Sunday Safari drive with elephants, giraffes, & many other animal friends!

Nile River boat cruise with hippos, crocs & even more animal friends!  Overnight in Murchison huts

Monday Chimpanzee tracking  Drive to Entebbe  Overnight in Entebbe

Tuesday Departure from Entebbe airport


Tuition payment of $1300 made to FTPF for planting activities, with a separate excursion fee directly to safari company for those interested (cost TBD based on current rates, typically around $500-$600).

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